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Date: Wed Sep 24 00:23:35 1997

On Tue, 23 Sep 1997, Anthony Clifton wrote:

> "Do you remember when you asked me to tell you when you were acting
> rudely and insensitively? Well, you're doing it right now." It sounds
> EXACTLY like conversations between me and this skinny techno-dweeb I work
> with.

I wouldn't let guys like that work at my company.

> > How about _Hackers_? That surely set off the latest wave of techno
> > dweebies who think just because they can connect to a URL they've hacked
> > into a system.
> >
> I don't think so. Not from what I've seen. The technology was too
> buried under techno music and skateboards. And although it was about
> hackers even more directly than was Wargames, it gave even LESS realistic
> information about how to begin than did Wargames. At least wardialers
> and poor security were REAL things in the 80s.

Well, they did show some pseudo-red-boxing. Although the tones were just
DTMF rather than the actual ACTS tones.

> Speaking of Sandra Bullock in The Net....there were computers in The Net?
> ;-D

Well, to its credit, it was the first movie (AFAIK) where the hacking
took place on the web.

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