Are these really worth keeping?

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Date: Wed Sep 24 11:17:54 1997

> > There are a few IBM cards that I've never seen and would love to get. Top
> > of my list is a PGC (professional graphics controller) - a 2 board set
> > that contained an 8088-based graphics accellerator. It emulated a CGA card
> > (I think) but had extra modes as well. Another thing I would like is a
> > Data Aquisition and Control adapter.
> I acquired one of the PGA boards and I passed up an opportunity a couple of
> years ago to get the IBM monitor that went with it. BTW, I am assuming here
> that what you are referring to as PGC is the same thing I am referring to as
> PGA. I see them occasionally and will keep you in mind the next time I find
> one if you like.

AFAIK, PGA=PGC. IIRC, VGA pixel resolution by lots of colours.

When I was working for IBM, I installed a PGC for a customer; I helped
with demos involving PGC and DACA (Yes, another nice piece of kit) but I
never had a chance to acquire any of that stuff :-( :-( :-(

The PGC was three (Tony, am I right, or am I just imagining the middle
board?) boards bolted together, with the outer two going in adjacent
slots of an AT or XT motherboard. Wouldn't go on a 5-slot PC of course.
Now that would be a hack...

PGC came with a new sticker for the _back_ of your PC - now no longer a
class B but a class A computer according to FCC rules (which thankfully
don't apply in the UK, but things are getting worse with our
Electromagnetic Compatibility directive)

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