Classic Sord computers free for shipping

From: Fredrik Ekman <>
Date: Wed Sep 24 08:42:00 1997

Hello again!

Some time ago I reported on an attic full of Sord computers that only
waited for someone to come along and grab them. I have now looked over
most of the attic (not all, mind you) and catalogued what I found. It is
an interesting list of 40 computers of 17 different types. Mostly Sord,
but also some PC compatibles. There is at least one Sord M680UX mini,
probably one or two more.

Sam and Kevan have already announced that they want several systems, so
there will be shipments going both to the US and the UK. The attic in
question is in Gothenburg, Sweden, but the more people join in, the
cheaper it will be. If you want a list of available stuff (also some
printers and a lot of manuals and software) let me know and I will send it
to you.

Next, I will try to determine what shipping would approximately cost.

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