HP 150 II (fwd)

From: Mr. Self Destruct <more_at_camlaw.rutgers.edu>
Date: Wed Sep 24 10:18:53 1997

Anybody that can help her out?

(What's a HP150 anyway?)

She is not a subscriber to this list so if you can help, please e-mail her


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Date: Tue, 23 Sep 1997 16:57:51 -0700
From: Brigid Cumming <bcumming_at_island.net>
To: more_at_camlaw.Rutgers.EDU
Subject: HP 150 II

My husband brought home a touchscreen Hewlett Packard 150 II. He has its
original manuals & it fires up fine. Could you help me find more
information on and applications for this computer?

Brigid Cumming
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