Are these really worth keeping?

From: John Ruschmeyer <>
Date: Wed Sep 24 13:38:32 1997

> > The other is, that in other things generally considered "collectible"
> > (such as automobiles, for example) it is considered acceptable to
> > have some non-original equipment installed, provided it is correct
> > for the period (and that the added stuff in of itself is historic).
> >
> > But I think this only holds to a point: the system board and power
> > supply would probly best kept 'stock', but one of those Quadram 8086
> > add in boards would be definitely cool, for instance.
> It's interesting that the collecting of computers will be held to the
> same standards, protocols and preferences as those in collecting cars.

I agree. It's also interesting to read between the lines of this thread
and note that some people would definately be the type to do "concours"
restorations. (Personally, I draw the line at worrying about the color of
the ribbon cables.)

It makes one wonder whether there will someday be a market for
reproductions of computer manuals, FCC stickers, etc. the same way that
such a market exists in the automobile collecting world.

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