Are these really worth keeping?

From: Marvin <>
Date: Wed Sep 24 14:43:09 1997

Sam Ismail wrote:

> On Wed, 24 Sep 1997 wrote:
> > > > There are a few IBM cards that I've never seen and would love to
> get. Top
> > > > of my list is a PGC (professional graphics controller) - a 2 board
> set
> > > > that contained an 8088-based graphics accellerator. It emulated a
> CGA card
> Does the PG(C/A) card have two 9-pin connectors on the back with little
> white pins stuffed into some of the connector holes? Or is that some
> other board?

The PGC board I have has one DB9 video output jack and contains three
boards; two full size boards with a smaller (memory?) board sandwiched
between the two on the end away from the video jack. The outside board on
the end away from the video jack also has two 50 pin connectors at the top
and bottom that I would guess is for adding additional memory.
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