Restoration questions.

From: Bjorn T. Eng <>
Date: Thu Sep 25 13:26:49 1997


 I've got an Apple-I that I'm going to take out of a box in the attic and
try to set back up for showing/playing.

I've seen several postings about what components "should" or "shouldn't"
be in a vintage system. What's the feeling on replacing TTL chips, voltage
regulators, etc? Should I scour the land to find "vintage" parts or can I
buy stuff from regular electronics stores? (I don't actually KNOW that I
need to replace anything yet, just asking)

On a similar note: The Apple-I was a kit. Mine's just a bare board mounted
inside a plain aluminum box. Was there ever a case made for these? Or did
everyone just do what the guy who put mine together did?

One last question:

The Apple-I has on-board voltage regulators, diodes etc. to be used with a
Do-it-yourself transformer setup. Can I just bypass all that and use a
power supply from a PC with leads connected to the regulated side of
things? The board uses the ususal +/-5V and +/-12V if I remember

Thanks for any tips,

 Bjorn Eng
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