Are these really worth keeping?

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Date: Thu Sep 25 20:07:05 1997

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>lifetime! Once it gets to this point, it will cease to be a 'fun'
>hobby, and will turn into a commercialized, over-marketed
>'investment vehicle'. Coin & Stamp collecting, Baseball cards, and

Not all coin collecting is like that. Certainly, modern US (with the
grading services and all) is like that, but there are still many areas of
numismatics that are still open to hobbiests. Large cents, Fugio Cents (my
personal favorite), colonials, canadian, a lot of foreign, tokens, and so on
still offer lots of opportunity for learning, research, and fun, without
being so sanitary and heartless as a lot of such hobbies.

Important note: Buy the book before you buy the coin. Know what you are
doing, or you *will* get burned. (There's a company ala QVC that sells
coins on TV at night -- Things like 3 Susan B. Anthony dollars for $10, when
you can go to the post office and get the exact same thing for $3.)

I think that even if the collecting of original PC's and Imsai's and such
becomes too mainstream, there will still be plenty for the rest of us.

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