Spare Discrete Components?

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Thu Sep 25 22:28:56 1997

<I also do a considerable amount of electronic design, so have a lot of
<the common stuff (TTL, signal transistors, op-amps, passives, etc) for that

I'm an engineer and do a lot of selfbuilt as well and the only way is to
have what I call the bottomless junkbox. I mean I have about 10+ xerox
paper boxes (holds 10 reams of A4 paper) full of old boards and loose parts.
and another 10-20 divided covered trays of parts many new (in 1979!) though
old as when I bought I'd get 10 as they were cheap even if I only needed
one. Even expensive chips I'd get two to have a spare.

I'm not fussy about replacing a 1977 datecode with 1990 as repairs are
simply that. Keep in mind function is my goal.

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