Spare Discrete Components?

From: Jason R. Brady <>
Date: Fri Sep 26 15:21:30 1997

On Thu, 25 Sep 1997 Tim Shoppa <> wrote:
> :-). You've been looking at Compupro boards, haven't you?

Tim, how'dja guess that? ;-)

>I've got a small number of spare 25LS2521/74LS688's available if you
>need them. (For those not in the know, these are address comparators
>used on Compupro's S-100 boards.)
That's okay, I have spares.
>It is very worthwhile to have "backup" (i.e. paper and/or magnetic
>media versions) of EPROM's and PAL's.

Uh, oh. Compupro had a love affair with PALs. At least I have a
programmer for the EPROMs. PALs are new to me - is stability an issue
with these devices?

> The most commonly blown parts
>are line drivers, I find - and these are commodity parts most
>of the time (i.e. 1488's/1489's).
And the tantalum capacitors.
Jason Brady Seattle, WA
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