DEC PDP-11's, Peripherals, Docs, Unix, etc. for sale; L.A., CA.

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Date: Fri Sep 26 17:25:13 1997

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                   1. SOUND EQUIPMENT
                   2. COMPUTER ANTIQUES (CORE memory, etc.)
                   3. COMPUTER EQUIPMENT (IBM style; non-IBM style)
                   4. OFFICE EQUIPMENT and FURNITURE (Fireproof Cab)
                   5. MISC. (Tools, Elec.Test Equip.,Bikes,Backpack)
                   6. BUILDING MATERIALS and TOOLS
                   7. THINGS I WANT TO BUY / TRADE FOR
REPLY TO: From: Chris Bristol, a private party.
  All items are in Los Angeles, CA, USA. Reason for sale: moving
  overseas. All prices are very negotiable, and trades possible.

** COMPUTER ANTIQUES for your desktop or office wall, ***********
****************************** "an emerging collectable" ********
CORE MEMORY BOARDS: These are very pretty after you open the
  covers and show off the core planes. This type of memory was
  invented by Jay Forester of MIT in about 1955. Some of my boards
  are from MIT from my college days. The "1" or "0" is stored in
  little donut about 1 to 2mm in diameter--one donut per bit. Each
  donut is threaded by hand with two wires, one in the X axis, and
  one in the Y axis. This makes something that looks like a weird
  SciFi fabric. Then the fabric "planes" are stacked about 1/2 deep
  total. The thousands of hair-thin wires were hand assembled,
  generally by oriental women. Each wire connects to driver IC's
  and transistors, and control logic. This memory was non-volatile.
  These boards are mostly 16Kbytes, some 32Kbytes. They have pretty
  gold contacts, from the days before about 1968 when gold was thick
  and fixed at $20 per ounce. They were made for the PDP-11. Many
  of them work fine, if you have a PDP-11. Hang it on your wall in
  a glass case, to show you are not wet behind the ears in the
  computer business. Every computer museum should have one. $50
  per board.
HUGE FLOPPY DISKS, 8", Drive for this (DSD RX01) is below at $95.
  Put one or two of these 8" floppies on your wall, adding a 5 1/4"
  (also available) and 3 1/2" next to it. 8" floppies for $9 each,
  light to mail.
PAPER TAPE: I have two paper tape readers, both work I think. I got
  one while at MIT, and it was built by an MIT company back in
  around 1960. It is all aluminum and stainless steel, very pretty.
  The other is a more normal factory made unit. I also have some
  fan-fold paper tape for these. My paper tape is software and
  diagnostics for DEC PDP-11's. $25.
IBM CARDS: "Do not fold, spindle, or mutilate" they used to say.
  These have Fortran and other programs and data on them.
  Some cards have UCLA logo. $25.
VERY BIG TAPE DRIVES, like you see in the movies. $130 for two, see
  listing under "PERTEC" below. Also, see below "DECTAPE", a very
  funny tape drive. In operation, both move back and forth all the
  time. The perfect atmosphere for your Cyber Caf?. Or buy a whole
  PDP-11 and display it, and maybe operate it.

**** COMPUTER EQUIPMENT: **************************************
*IBM STYLE OR CAN BE USED WITH IBM: ****************************
  TAPE CARTIDGES, have about 30, $110 all obo, 3M DC-600, DC-300,
    DC-300A, 80 MB capacity, large 5" wide cartridges, many new
    shrink wrapped.
  IBM AT clone, Intel 80286 CPU, 12 SLOTS (ISA) good for hobbyist
    (normal is more like 6 slots or less), 1 MB Ram, Serial,
    Parallel, 40MB Seagate HDD, 2 5 1/4" floppies - one 1.2MB,
    Monochrome Monitor (orange phosphor) plugged into Hercules
    /CGA/MGA compatible display card, DOS 3.2, Framework, etc.
    software included, word processing, $100 all obo.
  DISK DRIVE, 5 1/4 inch style, 40MB IDE from an IBM AT compatible,
    2 of them, $25 each
  FLOPPY DRIVE, 3 1/2", in its own cute stand-alone case that
    includes a power supply, $25
  PRINTER, Diablo daisy wheel, built in stand on casters, with
    keyboard (this is a "printing terminal", about 30 characters per
    second, fully formed. Have 3 identical printers, $35 each.
  PRINTER, DEC LA36 Decwriter II, with its own stand, with keyboard
    (this is a "printing terminal"), about 30 characters per second,
    dot matrix, work horse, can print carbon multipart forms on 14"
    wide paper, tractor feed, $50.
  PRINTING portable terminal, Texas Instruments "Silent 700" thermal
    paper printer, built in acoustic modem (300BPS)and keyboard. $30

* MOSTLY OLD DEC PDP-11 STYLE: ******************************
  DEC PDP-11/34A with BIG Tape and Disk (6 ft high 1978 computer,
    cost $25,000) with RT-11 & optional Unix SW, working, $300
  DEC PDP 11/45 w BIG tape & disc, 1973 6ft high computer, cost
    $40,000, w/RT-11 & UNIX software/UNIX license, 16 timeshare
    ports (DH11), $300
  EMULEX disk controller board for DEC-11 or VAX, model SC21/B1,
    new $4,500, still unused in box, with SMD cables, $300
  COMPUTER TERMINAL, "dumb terminal", nice black and white display,
    high resolution, VT-100 emulation. (This is not a monitor, and
    not IBM or Mac compatible.) Detached keyboard, from 1985,
    pretty, with manuals, $80.
  DISK DRIVE, old removable, model CDC 9762, 80MB "hatbox" disk pack
    included, pack cleaned and tested, with two sets of SMD cables
    if you want, a little smaller than a washing machine, works with
    Emulex above, $150
  DISK DRIVE, DEC RK05 removable 2.5MB, with about 5 or 10
    cartridges that have been stored nicely in my closet, about 80
    lbs, $200 with disk packs.
  DISK DRIVE, BALL 160 (fixed, 160MB SMD interf, about 80 lbs),$50.
  DISK DRIVE, WANGCO 5MB top load, rack mount 10" high, 70 lbs,
    with about 8 disk packs that were well stored, compatible
    with DEC RL01, $80 with packs
  FLOPPY DISK DRIVE, DSD, 2 8" floppies in 10" rack box, runs a
    PDP-11, copy of DEC RX01, $95. Optional: RT-11 set, source,
    XXDP Diagnostics, on floppies
  TAPE DRIVES, PERTEC 8640?, 800/1600 PE 10" reel to reel, 9-track,
    100 lbs, Pertec unformatted interface, have 2 of them, $130 both
  TAPE CONTROLLERS, for above to PDP 11, imitate DEC TM11, Complete
    and worked: Western Peripherals 130, $50, not working: Plessy
    and another WP copies of TM11. About 8 lbs each for board set,
    system unit, cables.
  DH11 16 RS232 port DMA interface for PDP-11, made by DEC, $100
  DECTAPE, bracelet size tape reels, hold only 256KB, two drives
    w/ctrl, big, museum piece, $150.
  RACKS, DEC H960 general purpose 19" "relay racks", with sides,
    back, fans, power box, 6'H 21"W 30"D, with rear rails. Start an
    ISP full of modems or put your stereo in a rack, have 3, $90each
  RACK, open 19" relay rack, just front frame, on base with casters,
    6'H, 20"W, 25"D base on casters, $50
  MULTIBUS SYSTEM, disassembled. Ran UNIX, 68000 CPU card, Tashio
    HDD/floppy controller, HDD (80MB?), Floppy (1.6MB?), Cardcage,
    RAM, software. $90.
  DEC Expansion Cabinets (you add controllers and RAM in these
    boxes, which plug into 120VAC): BA11ES, BA11L, etc. about $60ea
  DEC MODULES: DL11 serials, M930, Unibus Cables, Printer interface,
    boxes of misc. boards for PDP-11's, black plastic "bezels", etc.
  MODEMS: external 1200BPS and 2400BPS. Fancy for their day, 2400
    does nice auto dial monitoring. RS-232. $15, $25.
DOCUMENTATION: SOFTWARE: UNIX: full sets of docs for v.6, v.7,
  4.1BSD, 4.2BSD, 4.3BSD, SUN OS2, SUN OS3, SunView. About 3 big
  file boxes of UNIX docs. Also have distribution tape of 2.9BSD
  for PDP-11 licensed to me from SCO (Santa Cruz Operation) and the
  PDP11 hardware it is licensed for. Cheap!
DOCUMENTATION: SOFTWARE: DEC OS: Full set, RT-11 v2, v3, v4,
  partial RSX-11. Also have the software on floppy and RK05, and
  the PDP-11's that are licensed to run it. Cheap! Also Heathkit
  H-11 paper tape operating system, media and docs, new.
DOCUMENTATION: HARDWARE: most all DEC PDP-11 docs from
  1970-1985. Paper and microfiche. Also docs on compatibles
  from Plessy, Western Peripherals, Wangco, etc. Set of "Processor
  Handbooks" and "Perhipheral Handbooks".
VIC-20 Commodore computer with tape deck, books, games, works, $75

**** SOUND EQUIPMENT: *****************************************
SPEAKERS, ACOUSTAT II, Audiophile full range electrostatic
  speakers, 5'H, 2'W, 6"D (thin), each plugs into 120VAC and to your
  amplifier, uses 4000 volts and no magnets to move silvered plastic
  film diaphragm, about 1/10 the distortion of conventional magnetic
  speakers, beautiful "reach out and touch it" realism of mid-range
  and high end, perfect for classical, simply-mixed vocals and
  acoustic instruments; appreciated by musicians. Like new with
  original boxes, black and walnut, new cost $2,200, sell $950 pair.
  Someone's comments on electrostatic speakers:
SPEAKERS: JANZEN Z-410 hybrid electrostatic speakers for
  audiophile. Uses 4 electrostatic panels, each 6" x 6", for
  mid-range and treble, blended with a conventional magnetic 10"
  woofer, all in a conventional large bookshelf type case of
  15"W x 15"D x 28"H. Good compromise of electrostatic sound
  and conventional woofer; $500 the pair.
TUBE FM TUNER, made by SHERWOOD, white front with gold color trim,
  brown steel rear case, uses green-glow tuning meter tube, works
  OK, cool looking, $110.
CD PLAYER DECK, PHILLIPS (Netherlands) original CD player, top load,
  uses real blue-green gas laser (not cheap red LED laser like new
  players). Good for audiophile.(For your stereo, no amp or
  speakers included,) Works OK. $75.
CASSETTE DECK; TEAC AN360S; High end deck from about 1980.
  Dolby, CR02 and all that, $65.
TURNTABLE: PHILLIPS (Netherlands) 212A audiophile turntable with
  green touch-light switches for 33 and 45, straight fly-weight arm
  in integrated floating mount, including top of line Shure V15 type
  III cartridge, and spare cartridge of same type. Nice sound. $70
RECORD COLLECTION, mostly classic vinyl, a little audiophile.
DOLBY B outboard processor, fancy unit made by Dolby labs with
  2 huge 5" meters, 5"Hx18"Wx12"D front controls. $50.
MXR 10-band stereo equalizer. For musician or home stereo or
  recording technician. Smaller than a cigar case, no display,
  only sliders. For portable use. RCA line ins/outs. $85.
MIXER, TAPCO 6 in / 1 out mike mixer with 1/4" phone and XLR
  inputs and mechanical spring reverb. About 30 rotating
  controls. Condition: is beat up (I bought it used). $80
MICs and STANDS, assorted.
POP and CLICK filter processor for LP records

**** OFFICE EQUIPMENT AND FURNATURE: **************************
FIREPROOF safe-file cabinets w/S & G combo lock,
  (changeable), 2 drawer file, weighs about 250 lbs,
  one hr fire rated, very pro, letter size, 14"W x 33"D x 30"H,
  have 3, cost $1700 ea., sell $200 each
FIREPROOF safe-file cabinet w S & G combo lock,
 (changeable), 4 drawer file, weighs about 500 lbs,
 one hr fire rated, very pro, letter size, 14"W x 33"D x 60"H,
 cost $2600, sell $350
TOOL CABINETS, steel, HD, 10 very deep drawers, for tools
  or parts, 29"H x 24"W x 30"D, have 2, $50 each
TOOL CABINETS, tall, steel, HD, 20 very deep drawers, large, for
  tools or parts, 59"H x 24"W x 30"D, have 2, originally for IBM
  cards, $70 each
STATIONARY CABINET, steel, 65"H x 30"W x 16"D, black, medium
  condition, $40
SHELVING, Industrial/warehouse steel type, 10 "units" for 7'H 4'W
  3'D shelves, each unit 5 shelves, heavy angle iron verticals, nuts
  and bolts, most of shelves reinforced front and back, good for
  about 250 lbs per shelf. Also two units 7'H x 3'W x 3'D. Cost
  about $1900. Sell $400 all.

**** MISC ******************************************************
OSCILOSCOPE, TEKTRONICS RM-31 (rack mount version of 531),Dual-trace
  20 MHz, with probes, CA plug in, works well, about 35 lbs, $250.
AUDIO SIGNAL GENERATOR, HP, rack mount, 19"W x 8" H x 9" D,
  20Hz~20,000Hz, works OK, $50.
FLOOR JACK for cars, 2 ton, consumer grade, with 2 jack-stands,$30.
BLOCK AND TACKLE, large, 3/4" mannila rope, old, strong, $45
  newspaper photographers because puts out a lot of light, enabling
  shooting 80 feet away, rechargeable, $55.
TELEPHONES: Small business telephones, 3 telephones each with
  5 lines and hold button, Automatic Electric old style, but
  touch tone. No controller. All 3 for $75
BSR X-10 Home Automation hardware. A lot of it. 2 radio
  trasmitters, telephone controller, ultrasonic controller,
  3-wire built in outlets, built in dimmer switches, appliance
  and lamp modules.
CASSETTE RECORDER, portable, bigger than a cigar box, GE special
  variable speed, separately variable pitch using fancy chips,
  from 50% to 200% speed and no donald duck voice. For speech.
  AC/DC, cost $275, sell $100.
CASSETTE RECORDER, portable, pocket size (walkman size),
  for dictation, standard cassettes, rechargeable, with extra
  bat. pack and extra charger, cost $200, sell $85.
CASSETTE RECORDER, Sony TC-45, equal to size of a cigar box,
  with AC adapter, for dictation, good cond, $50.
BACKPACK, green, external aluminum frame, med-lrg size, ex comd $20
BICYCLE #1, RALIEGH SUPER COURSE, 10-speed touring bike, top model,
  Reynolds 531 alum. Frame, alum. Rims, quick release hubs, Heret
  derailer/shifts, 25.5" frame, made in England, brown, when
  new was $500, $175.
BICYCLE #2, RALIEGH GRAND PRIX, 10-speed touring bike, middle
  quality model, made in England, Campagnolo (Italy) derailer,
  23.5" frame, green, when new was $275, $80.
SHEEPSKIN CAR SEAT COVERS, for tall back one-piece with headrest,
  brand new and NEVER installed, high quality, black color (yes,
  black, or rather charcoal), cost $150, sell $45 the pair.
VACUUM CLEANER, Hoover Dial-a-matic, best home upright ever made,
  very powerful, good beater brush, with full set of attachments
  (hose, drapes tool, big and small crevice tool, etc.), hard case,
  green, $75.
VACUUM CLEANER, Kenmore, very old-1950, powerful, tank type, shaped
  like a big bullet (rotated ellipse cut flat at back) a little art
  deco, also will attach air to exhaust to become a blower, with
  attachments and extra paper bags and cloth bag. $50
MIMEOGRAPH PRINTING PRESS, AB DICK, electric, with auto counter shut
  off, paste ink comes through stencil wrapped on drum onto paper,
  lowest cost per copy ever (basically cost of the paper), loads 500
  sheets at a time, 1 second per copy, popular with SciFi small
  volume self-publishers, very good condition, used it myself, $80.
SO you don't smoke or drink; you're a man with no vices? Buy a....
VICE, large bench vice, maybe 25 lbs, $20
COMPRESSOR and SPRAY PAINT GUN, small cheap kind, 20' air hose,
  for painting cars, 1 pint gun capacity, can also use for filling
  car tires, but not enough air volume for most power tools. $50
AIR TANK, portable, looks like 20" high propane tank, stick pressure
  meter, for taking air to your car and such, $25; optional fancy
  blow-clean gun with tip set, $15.
CHAIR, judge style, 4 casters, swivel and tilt, finished wood base
  and arm supports, black naugahyde (vinyl) back and armrests, black
  cloth bottom. $40.
CHAIR, office type, low, black vinyl back and arm rests, black cloth
  bottom, chrome swivel and casters, so-so condition, $15
NIKON camera, model:NIKORMAT, contains meter, twist f-stop setting,
  with standard lense, about 1975 or earlier, non-AI mount
  fully manual, non-electric shutter, $125.
TV, 12", AC, Black and White, $30.
TV, 5", AC/DC (9 x "D" cell), Black and White, $25.
TV, 19" color "portable", with remote, little used, $130.
CAR REPAIR MANUALS: BMW 2002, 2x 3" looseleaf binders, orig.
  factory fancy manual, costs about $150, sell $45, also Haynes
  for 2002 thrown in // Chiltons for Toyota 4x4 pickup circa 1984 //
  Honda 600 factory looseleaf and Haynes both $35.
ANSWERING MACHINES for telephone, older style, have two, both use
  two cassettes, simple Sanyo $30; Fancy Tandy 150 solinoid mech.
  and date/time digitally on tape, $55.
DESK LAMPS, Flourescent (2 long tubes) adjustable arm clamp on type,
  old, have 3 of them, $15 each.

**** BUILDING MATERIALS / TOOLS: *****************************
12 AWG Wire for house wiring, solid, single conductor (for pulling)
  THNN, White, 2 500 foot spools, new, $20 both.
SNAKE for pulling above wire, about 30 foot, used once, in yellow
  plastic $15.
TAR PAPER, 1 roll, about 3' x 100' $15
FLOORING, 6' x 6' fake-wood parquet vinyl, Armstrong thick no-glue
  type, $12

DBX 4, DBX 3, or other COMPANDER (compressor-expander). This is a
  stereo sound processing box. Will also consider a peak limiter.
POWER AMPLIFIER, stereo, at least 200 watts per channel, prefer
  MOSFET like products of David Hafler.
COMPUTER STUFF, will not buy these, but will take in trade for
  things I am selling: any parts for Pentium style system, including
  VGA or SVGA monitor, color ink jet printer.
PARTS FOR MY AUDIO AMPLIFIER: some very large capacitors, >50,000
  Mfd, >125 WVDC / Transformer to build 105VDC 500Watt amplifier
  power supply (about 78 VAC RMS or 157 center-tap, over 6 Amps).
CONVERSION of my 1/2" 9 Track big reel computer tapes to TR-3 or
  CD-ROM wanted. My 1/2" tapes are Unix Tar format.

  I am a private party in Los Angeles, CA, USA.
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