TRS-80 Disk/Video Interface

From: John Ruschmeyer <>
Date: Sat Sep 27 19:42:11 1997

>Hi All,
>Pardon my stupid question, I know nothing about Trash 80's.
>OK, the question of the day is what is this? It looks like you are
>supposed to plug a ribbon cable into the bottom, and connect it to a
>computer. I've been looking for TRS-80 stuff to add to my collection, so
>far I've only got a CoCo2, so when I saw this for $8 I grabbed it.
>It's got one 5 1/4" drive in it, and a spot to stick another. On the back
>is a plug for TV, and another for a monitor (they both look the same).
>Which TRS-80 was this for?

It's for the Models 100/102/200.
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