This weekend's haul

From: Anthony Eros <>
Date: Sun Sep 28 17:14:11 1997

I picked up a complete HP-86B system this weekend. System box, monitor,
two dual floppy drives, printer, plotter, documentation, three shoeboxes full of
Basic, CP/M and UCSD p-System software and a slew of expansion carts,

        (4) 128K RAM Memory Expansion
        (2) ROM Expansion w/ Assembler, Matrix, Printer, Plotter ROMS
        System Monitor
        Auxiliary Processor
        HPIB Interface
        CP/M System
        Voice Synthesizer
        Four-slot Extender Interface

I'd written software for the HP-85 years ago and picked one up a few months
back, so this is a veritable gold mine of Series 80 goodies.

Two wannas: Does anyone have a spare Sun monitor that would work
                with a 3/80?

                About 10 days ago, I picked up a Lisa 2 with a ProFile
                drive, but no connector cable. Any leads on where I might
                snag a cable?

-- Tony Eros

From: John R. Keys Jr.[]
Sent: Wednesday, December 31, 1969 7:00 PM
To: Discussion re-collecting of classic computers
Subject: Good weekend

Well Saturday made up for a slow week of finds. In that one day I was able
to pick up and save the following: Commodore 1902 monitor, 2-Mac 128's one
with KB & mouse, Platinum Mac Plus with KB & mouse, Apple IIgs with RGB
monitor & ext 3.5 & 51/4 drives,Epson FX80 printer, 4-Kraft joysticks new in
box, Applecolor Composite monitor, Mac numpad/trackball combo by
Assimilation, SB midi kit, and BluePrint C64 cartridge.
Also during the week picked up a Okidata OL400 laser for $5 and Radius
Powerview $8 both from Goodwill. From Savers got a new in box Softstrip
System Reader by Cauzin.
That was my week for the most part other manuals and software that I got. I
should have enough Mac's to fill the request I have from some of you by the
end of next week.
Keep computing!
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