From: Adam Jenkins <>
Date: Mon Sep 29 05:36:38 1997

>I knew that Laser made Apple ][ clones - I've seen a few in thrift stores,
>but never bought one. But a friend of mine just appeared with a Laser 286/2 -
>it's definitely the same logo. Did they make other PC clones? He's from
>Toronto - did they sell their PC clones in the US as well?

I don't know if it is the same company or not, but Laser PC's are very
common in Australia - although the 286's which I knew tended to have
problems with their hard drives. There are also PC/XT's, and 386's. There
were also a couple of Laser laptop/palmtops, along the lines of the Tandy
100 and Amstrad NC-100. They show up on the second hand market all the
time, and I keep meaning to pick up a couple.

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