Coming up for sale soon: Atari ST stuff + Northstar

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Mon Sep 29 19:49:50 1997

> My Father-in-law has finally managed to convince his wife to part with
> the Atari ST they have. In the process, he'll be disposing a sizeable
> collection of Atari ST bits and pieces, plus a (as far as I know) a
> working North Star s-100 CPM box.
> The catch is that all of this stuff is in New Zealand...
> I do know he has the following:
> Atari 1040ST expanded internally to 4MB
> ICS SCSI interface w/ RTC in external cabinet w/ power supply and broken
> Syquest 44MB Removable drive
> Grey scale Hand scanner
> Video Recored based Backup system
> Calamus Desktop Publishing software
> Color monitor (working)
> Monochrome Monitor (working)
> Monochrome Monitor (not working)
> External Floppy Drive
> Atari 520ST (two of, one working definitely working)
> various other bits of software.

> The ICS SCSI interface lets you hook up just about any sized hard drive
> - I tried it with a 512MB SCSI drive so far, that seemed to work fine
> (it flew), but you could hook up a CD-ROM (I think) with the appropriate
> driver software (the ICS interface comes with a setup disk - I can't
> remember if that has the CD-ROM driver SW on it). The Atari 1040ST
> could do with the TOS 1.4(?) or 2.0 TOS upgrade. The 3MB RAM expansion
> is a little flakey (runs OK 99.99% of the time)
 Thats likely an ICD interface whtch allows the 7 device SCSI chain.
The preferred CD-ROM software is Extendos. An option to get around
the hardware upgrade is a German program called Magic which is also
available for Mac and Dos which subs it's own version of TOS.
ciao larry

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