IBM System/34 available for collection. Free to a good home.

From: Roger Merchberger <>
Date: Tue Sep 30 07:43:51 1997

Due to massive amounts of caffeine & sleep deprivation, Daniel A. Seagraves

>At the place where I keep my 11/44, the owner has an IBM System/34. It's
>a largish beige brick. Chances are good I'll never get it (Can't store
>it), and it can't be left there. All the owner (Murrel) wants is to avoid
>paying to have it removed. I thought he wanted money for it, but he
>doesn't. It has all sorts of disks & stuff, and I think it's running (Not
>sure how to start it, so I can't check.) Tell me how and I may be able
>to. It runs RPG-II. It takes 8" floppies. I know it powers on, that's
>about all I know.

Well, can't help you with the operating info, but where's it located? I
have a largish (very dry) basement which would house it nicely, but
Californee's a bit out of my way. Northern Wisconsin or Northern Michigan

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