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Date: Tue Sep 30 17:27:35 1997

Several days ago, William Donzelli wrote:

> Was any machine (most likely mainframe class) ever built using F100K ECL
> (the super fast stuff - even today)? The family is small but well thought
> out, and includes some rather bizarre functions.

When I went to Munich to visit my German pen friend 4+/-1 years ago, the
Technical University of Munich had just thrown one out. It was made by
Control Data Corp., and had a model number like 220 or something.
Bernhard was then a student there, and got some bits as souvenirs. I
did some swapping and ended up with 4M 18-bit words of 40 and 45 ns
static RAM for possible use in one of my systems (I haven't yet!) and,
as a museum piece, a card from the CPU.

This CPU card was covered on one side in surface mounted 100000 series
ECL, which I believe is the same as F100K. The other side of the card
had a thin layer of insulator and a thick layer of steel - presumably to
interface thermally to a cooling system.

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