what is this? IBM powerstation

From: Kai Kaltenbach <kaikal_at_MICROSOFT.com>
Date: Tue Sep 30 19:07:54 1997

Well, the physical description sounds a bit odd, but from the model
number I believe you've got one of the early, pre-PowerPC RS/6000 RISC

Hope it came with a keyboard... although they have standard-looking
PS/2-style keyboard connectors, the RS/6000 boxes require a specific
keyboard that looks kind of like a PC/3270 keyboard, with a built-in
speaker. I've been looking for a keyboard for a friend of mine's
machine for quite a while.


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> Subject: what is this? IBM powerstation
> I've started collecting old IBM machines, (brand loyalty) and today
> came
> across a machine called an IBM powerstation 550e. it looks very much
> like an
> apple /// except it has two floppy drives, a db9, rj11,.and 3 db25
> ports on
> the back. i havent powered it up yet as i'm still trying to figure out
> how to
> open it. I'm off work this week, so I cant ask any of the old IBMers
> what
> this is. anyone know?
> david
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