what is this? IBM powerstation

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Date: Tue Sep 30 21:06:07 1997

concerning this powerstation, i doubt its a risc machine; i have an IBM PC RT
which i will post about later, and that is entirely different from this box.
i cannot see the main board because of the two floppy drives which are tilted
up. there is 4 card slots, but they're not ISA. they look like long
continuous ISA slots, about 6-7 inches long with a disk controller installed.
the machine "posts" but i've no floppy and no video (yet) this machine also
didnt have a key. just some latches which were pulled and the top came off.

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<< It is probably an older RS/6000 - however, I have never heard of a 550e
 (then again, IBM makes a lot of weird stuff). The 500 series RS/6000s are
 largish deskside towers. The desktop machines are the 200 and 300 series.
 Open the thing up! If it is an old RS/6000, it will have a processor board
 with eight or so big nasty looking chips - the Power RISC processor. The
 only thing that may give you trouble is that the key (if it has one) must
 be in the service position to get the cover off. >>
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