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From: Scott McLauchlan <scott_at_isd.canberra.edu.au>
Date: Wed Apr 1 19:05:27 1998

Dear All,

At 16:05 1/04/98 -0800, Sam Ismail (dastar_at_wco.com) wrote:

>Just to clarify...
>> Send a message to listproc_at_u.washington.edu with no subject and a
>> message with only the line:
>> subscribe classiccmp Your Name
> ^^^^^^^^^ should be yourlogin_at_yourdomain.com

No it shouldn't. Listproc pulls the e-mail address from the header of the
subscription request, but it gets the subscribers name from the body.
"Your Name" should be your *real* name (eg. "Sam Ismail", "Scott
McLauchlan", "Bill Gates"). (Oh, and leave out the double quotes.)


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