TRS-80 manuals

From: Ward Donald Griffiths III <>
Date: Wed Apr 1 19:35:51 1998

Lawrence Walker wrote:
> On 29 Mar 98 at 17:24, Uncle Roger wrote:
> > Picked up the following Manuals:
> >
> > (2) User's Manual for Level 1 -- TRS-80 Micro Computer System
> > Line Printer VIII
> > Level II Basic Reference Manual
> >
> > They're available if anyone is interested. ($1 apiece, plus shipping.)
> >
> I'm in the woods when it comes to the TRS. What does the "Level" refer to ?
> Are these useable for a Model II ? If so I'm interested.

The "Level" refers to the BASIC ROM that was installed in a TRS-80
Model 1 Keyboard/CPU. Level I was a 4k ROM with very limited
features and command set that was fun to play with for a while.
Level II was a 12k ROM with a reasonable Microsoft BASIC -- it was
necessary if disks were to be added, as the hooks to the disk
extensions were in it. Level I couldn't generally access the
additional RAM in an Expansion Interface, either.

The Model II is a strictly disk-based machine. The onboard ROM is
a boot ROM to get an operating system loaded, the BASIC interpreter
was entirely RAM resident. Being by Microsoft, Model 1 disk BASIC
and Model II BASIC share about 98% of the same features, although
the Model II didn't have things like direct access to the video
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