Subscribing and unsubscribing (was Re: Quick question)

From: Scott McLauchlan <>
Date: Wed Apr 1 20:13:03 1998

At 19:26 1/04/98 -0600, Doug Yowza ( wrote:
>On Thu, 2 Apr 1998, Scott McLauchlan wrote:
>> No it shouldn't. Listproc pulls the e-mail address from the header of the
>> subscription request, but it gets the subscribers name from the body.
>> "Your Name" should be your *real* name (eg. "Sam Ismail", "Scott
>> McLauchlan", "Bill Gates"). (Oh, and leave out the double quotes.)
>Hmm, I thought listproc would take the email address from the header if
>you only specify "subscribe classiccmp", but you can optionally include a
>different email address (e.g., "subscribe classiccmp"), and
>the list maintainer can optionally refuse to accept the fully qualified
>subscribe command.

[Glances up at X-Listprocessor-Version: header..."8.1 beta". Hmmm]

Not exactly. Before version 8.1, if you only specified "subscribe
classiccmp" you would get an error message, and if you said "subscribe
classiccmp" it would subscribe you at the address you sent the
from, and assume your real name was Depending on how the list
is set up, "subscribe classiccmp" will work on version 8.1 and later,
however, I'm pretty sure there still is no way to subscribe using an
address different from the one you are sending the request from.

>In any case, from the ClassicCmp FAQ (temporarily housed at
> Subscribes you to the list.
> Removes you from the list.
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