serial port buffers

From: Brett <>
Date: Fri Apr 3 01:07:54 1998

On Thu, 2 Apr 1998, John Rollins wrote:

> I guess this is a little off-topic, but I'm not exactly sure where to ask
> about this... Anyone know anything about the Intellicom Mega-Link four port
> buffer? Four buttons and six LED's on the front, a row of eight 256k RAM
> chips and three rows of sockets for more RAM, and the three DB-25 and a
> 36-pin centronics connector on the back. Any ideas on how to hook it up?
> I'm gessing there was either a special cable for it(centronics to serial
> port) or maybe it was designed to attach to a serial port card or
> something...

Sounds like a printer buffer/share device. Many used to be used to share
a printer using the mode command to change your printer to a serial port
and then when you printed - it stored it if someone else was already using
the printer. Some used buttons and some used special codes to switch the
active input port.

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