big $$$ PAID for 8" floppy

From: Ward Donald Griffiths III <>
Date: Fri Apr 3 19:28:19 1998

Daniel A. Seagraves wrote:
> [8" <> 3.5" conversion]
> I may be able to do that... I have a working PDP-11 that handles 8" disks.
> I can read a few sector formats...
> If you can tell me what system the disk was generated on, I can probably
> transfer the files.
> If it's an IBM System/34 disk, I can transfer it surely, I have a 34 in working
> order.

And if it was generated on a Tandy/Radio Shack System I can definitely
handle it -- and CP/M as well.

The problem with these vague requests is that if the requestor doesn't
know what it came from, he probably doesn't deserve the information.
As opposed to the many honest threads we've had on conversion between
TRS-80, Apple, Commode, Atari, Kaypro (and other 5.25 CP/M formats),
etc. Why doesn't the requestor know where it came from? Is he a
government agent who stole the data from a "suspect" (In .au now,
probably wants to read the records of a gun retailer to track down
the customers)?
Ward Griffiths
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