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Date: Fri Apr 3 22:03:12 1998

At 03:57 PM 4/2/98, you wrote:
> Actually the machines are the same size. The PF keys are deeper on the

Um, no... The 102 is thinner than the 100. That's one of the photos I
took t'other day for my m102 page (getting 'em developed this week, then
gotta scan them (gotta un-bury the scanner first), then get all the data
files ready...) I'll post the pictures as soon as I get them scanned.
(P.S., for more images than you can get to properly, check out
<> -- you'll see the directory
listing of all the images I have so far.)

> 7) A telephone cable to connect the MODEM in one of these to a standard
>phone jack. It has a 8 pin DIN plus that fits the MODEM post and two phone
>cords coming out of it. There is also what appears to be a dummy female
>connector that fits over the male connector.

The idea was to be able to leave it in place:


If the m100 was connected, the phone was not. The dummy female connector
simply shorted the appropriate wires so the phone would work again.

> I will take $50 plus shipping on the computers ($40 for the one missing
>the label) and best offer on the extra pieces. Or I will trade for HP

Since I have 3 m100's, a m102, and 2 NEC 8201a's, I'll let other take
advantage of this... 8^)

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