VAXstation 3100 M30

From: Adam Fritzler <>
Date: Sat Apr 4 03:32:19 1998

On Sat, 4 Apr 1998, Zane H. Healy wrote:
> OK, I realize this probably doesn't quite squeak in under the 10 year mark,
> but...

1 year off isn't too bad.

> Basically I've got a really stupid question, does the external SCSI bus
> HAVE to be terminated? If so any idea's on how to go about doing that
> without finding a DEC terminator?

It doesn't need termination unless you have an external device hooked to
it. (The <1in length of the connector from the controller should fall
within acceptance of the SCSI spec. I heard that the SCSI-1 spec didn't
even require termination. Is there truth to that? ) I've never seen a
DEC terminator that fits that plug (68-pin male).

> On a less important note, I've got a Monochrome 19" or so monitor that came
> with my VAXstation II/RC, I believe it's a VR260, but since it's in storage
> I might be wrong. Will old monitors like this work with the a VS3100? Not
> a real biggy since I intend to simply attach a VT320 or VT420 to it.

I don't know the DEC monitors numbers right off, but I think if it worked
with the VSII than it will probaby work with the VS3100. It's monochrome
(unless you have the GPX or SPX cards), and runs at something like
1152x800 _at_70Hz. (I really don't remember the exact numbers.)


   Adam Fritzler
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