ISA-PCI Conversion possible? (About MS's PC 98 Specs)

From: Ward Donald Griffiths III <>
Date: Sat Apr 4 05:11:43 1998

Hotze wrote:
> OK.. I've been thinking about this for a while. ISA's going to die, at
> least according to MS's PC '98 specs. Knowing how most designers comply to
> MS's hardware design, it looks like ISA's future is dim. Now, on top of all
> the old ISA cards I've collected, I just got an AWE 64, and my scanner and
> PCMCIA cards are ISA-based. So, is it possible to make a device that will
> make an ISA card fit into a PCI socket? Is anyone making them?

I definitely won't say it's impossible -- at my age I've given up
making judgements like that on technical matters. I will say that
it's a non-trivial problem and likely to produce underwhelming
performance compared to native PCI boards. My own preference is
to keep at least one machine (like I would ever cut it down to
that!) to which the old equipment is native and network it to the
newer equipment as I acquire it. Then again, I don't pay a lot of
attention to MS's hardware specs, since the only times I run their
software is to play games or to figure out how to get something
running in DOSEMU or WABI under Linux -- most of my emulators of
old 8-bit equipment (Tandy, Apple, Atari, etc.) work just fine
that way, and I really _don't need_ the bells and whistles in the
latest Microsoft Office(tm) suite except when an employer insists
upon it at work, and eight times out of ten I manage to get
around it there as well.
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