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<< This struck a chord with me...
>protection of data/software contained on the machine or disks. If you buy a
>camcorder at a consignment or pawn shop and the last owners left a tape of
>their after-hours playtime in the camcorder, is it my responsibility to
>safeguard or return it? I think not. I feel the same should apply to
 ABSOLUTELY it is your responsibility. >>

i'd be willing to argue this somewhat. as an example, my brother gave me a
complete ps2 model 30 that was literally being thrown in the trash. the
company he worked for was upgrading their computers. when i finally got a hold
of it, i looked at all the data on the machine. i found some personal data
from someone who evidently used it such as resume, job history, etc in
addition to work specific to that company. there was also a few other programs
on it, such as xtree, wp51, lotus and procomm. as i deleted the data files
keeping the applications, i felt no responsibility to the previous user. it
may not be politically correct, but i will save any applications i find on the
computers i pick up.

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