PS/2 M30 available...

From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Sat Apr 4 11:42:36 1998

Allison J Parent wrote:

> <People are moving to Texas and don't wanna have to haul it.
> <IBM PS/3 model 30, VGA monitor, a whole box of software,
> <printer of some sort. Any takers?
> <They want about $50, but will take any reasonable offer.
> They are kidding. It's an 8mhz 8086, ISA8 two floppies and it may have a
> color monitor of the older coarse dot pitch. Not worth 50$, 10 or 15
> maybe.
> It would cost too much ship it or I'd be interested in it for the
> monitor. (I'd keep the box as it's small and a robust design turbo XT)

It really depends on what a person wants from all of it though and where they
are as far as shipping. I've shipped heavy TRS-80 model 4's to SanFrancisco
and the recipient seemed happy to pay the shipping. Of course UPS (pronounced
"oops") damaged the unit and made it unusable. They also got to pay the
damages as far as I know.

You're right about the open market resale though. The average person won't
mess with one for more than $10 at thrift or consignment stores. Again, it's
all in what a prospective buyer wants in it.
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