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From: Hotze <>
Date: Sun Apr 5 14:02:39 1998

>I have a bunch of 80 MB mac hard drives. would an old PC SCSI card
>run them?
Depends. If it was designed for a Mac specifically, then it won't work.
But 9/10 SCSI devices will work indescriminately on a Mac, PC, or Unix
machine, provided that drivers exist, if required.

>>HUH? Neither of these are an helped/hindered by the 386. SCSI is not
>>needed to run 1.44/1.2 FDDs. You can put scsi in there even when it
>>an plain xt. To run the bigger floppies you need a controller that
>>most XT controllers will not. JDR and JAMCO sell a board that will do
>>to 2.88 drives in a XT slot.
>Has anyone actually seen a 2.88 MB floppy drive?
I have. Almost got one. They were $7 new, black, from IBM. Actually, I
don't really like 2.88MB drives: The meida STILL costs about $3-$4 a disk,
and when you can just get 2 or 3 $0.25 or LESS 1.44MB disks, and then use a
program to cut files down, you end up with better prices. So, unless you
had a specific use, or REALLY wanted to cut down on total disk #'s, I can't
say that I want one, especially not now, when Castle Wood's
( coming out with a $199 ORB drive, that
can outperform Jaz drives, and hold 100MB more for $30 a piece on 2.1GB
media. THAT'S innovation: New technology, low price, and a cool name.

Tim D. Hotze
Received on Sun Apr 05 1998 - 14:02:39 BST

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