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Date: Sun Apr 5 15:55:50 1998

for those of you that goto hamfests/radio rallies, here is a tip. if possible,
see if you can get in the night before under the premise of "setting up" i
actually did buy a table to sell some things, but me and another guy were able
to get inthe night before and set up our table and get our tickets. we were
also able to scope out other's tables and get the best stuff. unfortunately, i
missed out on a table of small hard drives for $4 each, and was a minute late
to get a home based robot called robie for $20. (grrrrrr) best thing to do is
scan everyone else's things all the time and buy what you see. nobody refused
to sell to us. i didnt sell much but here's what i bought:

4 mac adb keyboards, not tested $1
kaypro II with matching printer in great shape with original books and system
disks $10
nec scsi card for ps2 $4
apple ][+ with enhanced encoder board, ssc, and videx videoterm with dual
floppy drives. also got a box labeled applemouse, but it had 6 mouse cards in
it, but no mouses! also got hayes micromodem and dos/pascal manuals.
apple cd drive, two scsi cases, one with drive, one blank , $1 each
ps2 xga card
profile drive, no controller card, may have a lead on two lisas from the guy i
got it from.
also got some late model things cheap that arent worth mentioning. this may be
old hat, but i've noticed that it's worth mentioning you are interested in old
computers and are looking for X computer. that's how i got the lead on the

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