Summasketch graphics tablet

From: Shawn T. Rutledge <>
Date: Sun Apr 5 19:34:53 1998

> A while ago, I found a SummaSketch Plus graphics tablet sans the
> little mouse thing, whatever the official name is.


> Can I make one,
> get one REALLY cheap, or operate the thing without one? Also, it

Don't know. I bet it emits RF, and the tablet probably has a circuit board with
traces running horizontally on one side an vertically on the other. My Dauphin
detects the pen in this manner.

> hasthree connectors; a serial connector, an RJ-11 connector that
> I think is for the mouse, and some kind of weird square four-pin
> connector; what is that for?

Power? Maybe the circuit board even has silk-screened notations about what
voltages go where, if you're lucky.

> Do I need some kind of card?

I doubt it; I think it was a serial device. You just need a puck. Hang on to
it and you'll probably find one some day, if you're the scrounging type (is
anyone on this list not... :-))

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