Dick Smith System 80 S-100 Expansion Connections

From: Grant Zozman <gzozman_at_escape.ca>
Date: Mon Apr 6 17:38:06 1998

While we are on the subject of TRS-80 Model 1 clones, has anyone heard of a
computer which looks exactly like the early Model 1 (no numeric keypad), but
with a large "E2" logo where the TRS-80 logo usually is? I have seen a book
with this computer on the cover, but the book does not identify it. What is
it, and who made it?


Grant Zozman

Phil Guerney wrote:

> re my own message:
> In a search of comp.sys.tandy I have found that the Dick Smith System 80
> (TRS-80 Model 1 clone) was known as the PMC-80/81 in the US if that helps.
> Phil
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