Singleboard and peripherals for grabs (Northern CA)

From: Doug Yowza <>
Date: Mon Apr 6 21:48:41 1998

On Mon, 6 Apr 1998, Kip Crosby wrote:

> Heard the other day from a gentleman who wants to get rid of an 8085 (?)
> singleboard with several interesting peripherals. I could and would do
> it, but not in the timeframe he wants, which is between now and next
> Wednesday, April 8. He's moving and doesn't want to move it; taker
> collects.
> His name is <fontfamily><param>Times New Roman</param><bigger>Terry
> Clapham; e-mail; phone 408-741-1367. Somebody please
> call him, I'd love to know that this didn't get scrapped.

I called him, and he also wants to dump his terminal and printer, which
I'm not especially interested in (and he's asking about $100, but it
sounds like he's willing to come to his senses).

It's a Netronix 8085 SBC from around 1979 (I thought the 8085 came out a
little later than that), with some sort of S-100 compatibility. He's
faxing me a spec sheet tonight. I may pick this up if nobody else wants
it, but I'll defer to somebody who's also interested in a (home made?)
terminal and a small thermal (Telepar?) printer.

-- Doug
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