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From: Jack Harper <>
Date: Tue Apr 7 09:14:28 1998

At 07:41 4/6/98 -0800, you wrote:
>> A couple of weeks ago, I put out an e-mail to the List that mentioned that
>> a friend had given a DEC PDP-11/70 (or so he thought) to me that had been
>> 'hardened' by Schlumberger for use in the oil patch. The machine supposedly
>> works and weighs close to 200 lbs.
>Well, a real 11/70 with memory box is closer to 1000 pounds, so it can't
>be a real 11/70.

That makes sense -- this guy is nowhere near that size -- it is *not* a
PDP-11/70 (rats).

>If the machine is - as I guess - a 11/24, the machine dates from the
>early 80's. But the bus it uses goes a decade further back than this,
>so there certainly may be older things hooked in.
>If it's an 11/04, then it might be from the late 70's.
>Can you at least look at some of the date codes on the chips? (Would
>it be useful if I prepared a brief lesson on "how to read date codes"?
>I have to admit that it's pretty obvious to me, and I often don't
>understand how someone can look at a board and not just innately know
>how old it is because of the date codes blatantly stamped on most
>of the chips.)

The date codes on the IC's claim that the processor board was built no
earlier than mid-1987...

>I don't recognize most of the part numbers below, I have to admit.
>The numbers that are most useful are the numbers stamped on the module
>handles, and are usually of the form Mnnn or Mnnnn, where "n" is a
>decimal digit.
>> (1): Obviously a CPU board -- AH13Z-06. Also claims DEC P/N 1216988. Has a
>> 15MHz crystal and is 15.5x8" in size. It has edge connectors (as do all of
>> the boards).
>I think this is a PDP-11/24 CPU board. If the number on the handle
>is "M7133", then my guess is right. It might also be a 11/04 CPU
>board, in which case it'd be a "M7263".

Tim -- I have looked for the stamped numbers as you mention and see
absolutely nothing on the handles -- considering that I have never looked
at DEC PDP boards before -- I am not sure what I am looking at. The
'handles' on this board are two metal handles each at the end of the board
-- you pull up and the handle pries the board out of the connector -- I see
no stamped numbers at all. I wonder if there are supposed to be plastic
thingies with the stamped numbers on the end of the metal handles that
someone removed -- there are none. Comments?
>I wouldn't exactly describe what you have as a "working system"; without
>a disk/tape subsystem, you'll be limited to console I/O and at most
>one of the older paper-tape operating systems.

I actually have, which I have not mentioned, a large DEC-TAPE(?) drive
which weights a good 120lbs and is perhaps 3' square -- my friend claimed
that everything worked well when Slumberger removed it from service(?). I
do not have, however, any tapes.

I would like, if possible, to positively identify this computer before I
give it away to someone on the list that can provide a good home...

All help is appreciated...

>Tim. (

Regards to all..

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