Seriously off-topic, but worth sending... (FUNNY)

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Date: Tue Apr 7 12:02:08 1998

> I'm supposed to be playing with Windows NT Server now... (BLEAH!)
You GOT it, Seagraves. Seriously.

In Yuk factor, this NT really take the cake. Took my boss months to
learn and setup a NT server and 1,000's of reboots, each changes even
one requires reboot. And a one dead PC too and few cards blown
along with few boards that NT hates! I think I might able master
Linux with good docs in very significent shorter time with more
changes between fewer reboots.

> But the hardware guys are playing around, and they won't build my server. They have all the parts. So, I started scrounging around myslef...
> Found a 486DX4/100, 16 meg or RAM, etc...
> But a proper case was nowhere to be found!
> So I got me a cardboard box and some masking tape...
> :)
> I showed the result to our upstream admin, and we was laughing so hard we has almost crying...
> (If you can call it that...)
> My boss says it's OK as long as I power it off when I leave, so it doesn't
> catch fire.

Good guy! :) Funny. :) That NT really like 64mb ram just to get
things running smoothly. I'm sure you need that laugh box so nothing
will fall in there and burn out that machine and give your boss a
nice start for the day.

Jason D.

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Pero, Jason D.
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