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Date: Wed Apr 8 08:05:36 1998

>> I'm supposed to be playing with Windows NT Server now... (BLEAH!)
> You GOT it, Seagraves. Seriously.
> In Yuk factor, this NT really take the cake. Took my boss months to
> learn and setup a NT server and 1,000's of reboots, each changes even
> one requires reboot. And a one dead PC too and few cards blown
> along with few boards that NT hates! I think I might able master
> Linux with good docs in very significent shorter time with more
> changes between fewer reboots.

We're being migrated to Windows Not Tolerable tomorrow, here at Power
Tech. Wish me luck, or pray for me to any god you think might answer...


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PS I like the server in a box! Keep up the good work! P.
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