my objection to recent postings

From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Wed Apr 8 09:25:38 1998

Andrew Davie wrote:

> I object to the use of the Classic Computer mailing list for advertising
> for-sale items on an ongoing basis for profit. I consider the use of this

Isn't this your message about being a buyer?

"I would note that I have already claimed these items, about a week ago, but
the Olivetti things are still available. Thanks, Sam, for the heads-up."

How do you know if someone doesn't post it? I'm sure if you had an obscure
machine without manuals or support equipment you'd be willing to see any and
all messages concerning those items for sale, free, trade, etc in mass
quantity. There are no formal businesses posting items that aren't within the
10 yr period such as the new systems for sale that get mass posted in the
newsgroups, along with the porno site mail.

If you aren't interested just say "delete". That's all.
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