my objection to recent postings

From: Joe <>
Date: Wed Apr 8 08:41:55 1998

   I disagree. As long as the stuff being advertised is within the realm
of classic computers it's appropriate to advertise it here and it is
permitted by the guidelines for this mail list. I for one don't have the
time to sort through all of the GARBAGE in the news-groups.

  The one thing that does piss me off is when people sell stuff on one of
the high cost services like E-bay but place ads for it here. But I must
admit that I've done it too.

   My $0.02 worth,


At 11:10 PM 4/8/98 +1000, you wrote:
>I object to the use of the Classic Computer mailing list for advertising
>for-sale items on an ongoing basis for profit. I consider the use of this
>list in this way akin to dropping advertising leaflets in my mailbox, or
>ringing me up and asking if I want to buy insurance.
>Surely, the newsgroups and eBay, etc., are an appropriate place for regular
>A mailing list dealing with the preservation of classic computers is not.
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