my objection to recent postings

From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Wed Apr 8 11:17:35 1998

Andrew Davie wrote:

> Russ and list
> I admit to a bad mail day.
> The bickering between Enrico and Cord, was another area where TWICE I wrote
> a reply to the list and successfully staid my hand. I thought some were
> using the list as a profit making exercise, and I apologise for this error.
> I would still like to see prices kept private and simply "contact me if
> you're interested", but of course that is a matter of personal preference.
> I think we can close this thread, no?

Yup. I figured it was just a peak in something. I also must agree that when
appropriate the pricing/trading should be kept private, as well as traffic
between the buyer and seller.

Message Kaput, onto more important things everyone.
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