my objection to recent postings

From: Charles A. Davis <>
Date: Wed Apr 8 14:41:39 1998

Andrew Davie wrote:
> I object to the use of the Classic Computer mailing list for advertising
> for-sale items on an ongoing basis for profit. I consider the use of this
> list in this way akin to dropping advertising leaflets in my mailbox, or
> ringing me up and asking if I want to buy insurance.
> Surely, the newsgroups and eBay, etc., are an appropriate place for regular
> sales?
> A mailing list dealing with the preservation of classic computers is not.
> Cheers
> A

Hi Andrew:

As is usualy the case with comments of thi sort, you ARE right, BUT!!!!

I have seen at least a few of the 'sale lists' where the stated reason
for posting to this list, was to give the 'listmembers' a 'first crack'
at the items.

It's also pertinant _what_ is being offered for sale, Complete and
operational systems, will probably do great on one of the 'aution'
sites. Random repair pieces, odd boards, documentation, weird software,
doesn't stand much of a chance of finding anyone who even knows what is
being offered, if not posted here.

Now, as far as I'm concerned, these ARE valid reasons for posting to the
list. It then becomes a matter of 'reasonableness' as to how much, and
how frequently. And that is something that is going to have to be left
up to the individual doing the posting. _UNLESS_ the rules are changed
to specify NO SALE items AT ALL, EVER.

I don't think that the list has gotten so large or congested as to have
to even consider going that route.

Now your voicing of an opinion, will give others a basis for considering
what they do, This opinion will also enter into their decision as to
WHAT route to take.


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