John Higginbotham? Anyone here know a John Higginbotham?

From: Ward Donald Griffiths III <>
Date: Wed Apr 8 15:07:42 1998

Hotze wrote:
> Hi. Does anyone know what happened to him? Did he unsubscribe? I've tried
> to contact him privately, but with no luck. I didn't get an error message,
> however.

He was last heard from not much over a week back, offering up some
VAXstations as I recall. In that message he mentioned he'd more or
less dropped out of this list due to too much mail traffic from other
lists, mostly RedHat's Linux lists. A concept I can understand, I'm
subscribed to most of those myself and when I start a new contract,
_something_ will have to be trimmed besides my beard.
Ward Griffiths
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