Burroughs B27?

From: Doug Yowza <yowza_at_yowza.com>
Date: Wed Apr 8 19:24:25 1998

> There's a local surplus place selling a few Burroughs machines for $30
> that look interesting, but I know nothing about them -- I'm not even sure
> they're computers. I believe they were used by Delta airlines. There's
> no clear model number on them, but the closest thing to one says "B 27
> CLS" "3748 00681", so I'm guessing they are B27's which appear to be
> related to B25's which appear to be 186 boxen running BTOS (?) from
> 1985/86.

Quick follow-up: I found little on the web, but there is a Usenet FAQ
that covers this machine. It sounds interesting enough to get:

1) What is CTOS? CTOS (Convergent Technologies Operating System) is a
character based, multi-processing, preemptive multitasking, true
message-based, microkernal OS. multiuser operating system developed by
Convergent. Convergent was formed in 1979, by a small group of ex-Intel
staff. Convergent Technologies merged with 3COM in 1986. Unisys
purchased Convergent Techonologies in 1986. CTOS is now supplied by BULL
& Unisys. BTOS (Burroughs Terminal Operating System) was a licensed
variant of CTOS.


   B27: (CM-002) First and only F-Bus model. 80186. Up to 1MB
        memory. Burroughs made these at its Flemington, NJ plant
        under license from Convergent. There is a module which
        allows F-Bus and X-Bus modules to be used with each other.
        Cluster speed is 1.8 Mbps, RS422.

-- Doug
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