Sale postings to classiccmp (RE: my objection to recent postings)

From: J. Maynard Gelinas <>
Date: Thu Apr 9 15:55:26 1998

       [followup below]

> Date: Wed, 8 Apr 1998 15:39:32 -0800 (PDT)
> From: Tim Shoppa <>
> To: "Discussion re-collecting of classic computers" <>
> Subject: Re: Sale postings to classiccmp (RE: my objection to recent postings)
> > I noted that someone commented that he was displeased with Ebay due to a
> > poor packing job done on an item he purchased thru the service. I would
> > only offer the opinion that Ebay simply coordinates sales, and takes no
> > part in delivery.
> Yes, I understand that. I suppose my question was "are the folks who
> buy/sell through Ebay a bunch of lusers?". I've bought and sold many times
> over Usenet, and I can usually tell what sort of person I'm dealing with
> because I often insist on a phone conversation before concluding a
> sale. Having an intermediary like Ebay decide on the buyer/seller
> makes me a bit uneasy. (And no, I don't always sell to the highest
> bidder!).
  Tim (and whoever it was that wrote the previous passage - the
  reference was lost in the previous post),

      I'm the one who mentioned that I had problems with a bad
  shippment. While I don't blame Ebay, the origanization, for this
  situation, the fact is that I am now leary of ebay transactions
  because of it. What difference does it make if Ebay or the seller
  is responsible for a rotten packing job? The fact is that through
  Ebay I still don't 'know' the seller, and have nothing but my trust
  relationship with ebay to determine the integrity of the seller.
  Ebay promisses nothing.... Here I have the list family as my test of
  authenticity. A much better test IMHO.... I would trust a new list
  member as much as I would trust anyone on Ebay, but someone I've
  seen post for months or a year has much more credibility in my eyes.

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