what is a Vax Station 2000?

From: Captain Napalm <spc_at_armigeron.com>
Date: Thu Apr 9 18:40:15 1998

It was thus said that the Great Allison J Parent once stated:
> VS2000 aka baby vax. Nice machines using the first generation micorvax
> chip. They can be found with up to 14mb of ram but 6-12mb are typical
> and only 4meg needed to run VMS or Ultrix.

  Cool. I have one of these (a uVAX2000) but the harddrive is going on it
(I think something is loose inside and rattling around).

> They can take RX33(1.2mb)
> floppy and or any MFM drive like RD31(20mb st225), RD32(40mb st251),
> RD52(quantum D540 31mb), RD53 (micropolus1325 71mb) or RD54(maxtor 2990
> 159mb).

  I have seveal MFM drives here, but what are the Seagate equivilents to the
RD line? I have an ST-4051, ST-251, ST-277r-1, ST-4038 and one unknown one
(made by Mitsubishi, has at least 4 heads and 904 cylinders and the only
marking I see is TKS 56704).

  Finding information about the Seagates isn't hard (as Seagate has all that
information on their web site) but I'm curious as to the equivilents to the
RD line.

> There is a scsi bus but the rom boot only knows an oddball tk50
> off that. The base machine did hires(1280x1024) video to a 19in mono
> monitor and there was color too. By shorting pins 8,9 of the db9 port
> you could connect a terminal instead.

> VMS is available via hobby license
> and is a very robust and sophisticated operating system and will fit on
> a single RD54 or can be made to fit in an RD53 without decwindows. There
> is a fair amount of free software for VMS as well.

  Do you know offhand if that comes with a development system (say, a C
compiler? Or even just headers?)

  -spc (I have just too many computers for my own good 8-)
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