Creative Retrocomputing Use for 386s and 486s

From: David Wollmann <>
Date: Thu Apr 9 21:19:53 1998

At 07:40 PM 4/9/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Using old 386 and 486 computers and their parallel ports to replace
>missing peripherals from true retrocomputing systems. Hmmm...
>I wonder if a 386, for example, with a properly programmed parallel port
>could emulate...say...a disk drive with a particular interface that you
>can't find anymore.
>Interesting thought?
>Anthony Clifton - Wirehead

I'd bet you could do it pretty easily with a bare-bones Linux install (why
compile any more than you need to?). In that case you'd have access to
oodles and oodles of working source code for examples.

I'm still dreaming about xfacing an old IBM punched card reader with a PC
running Linux. If I can ever find one that's working and for which I can
scrounge CE docs.

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