Re.: How about a weekly FS/T list? (was Sale postings

From: Marty <>
Date: Fri Apr 10 12:26:00 1998

 I love the ads, anytime. I don't care how classic equipment is offered
 up just as long as it is being made available. I don't have any
 problem with commercialism either.

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Subject: Re: Re.: How about a weekly FS/T list? (was Sale postings to
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Date: 4/10/98 12:50 PM

 On Fri, 10 Apr 1998, Richard A. Cini wrote:
> How about making Friday the "classifieds section" day? You know, like
> the local newspaper. Although classifieds appear in newspspers daily, it
> seems that one day has many more than the others.
> This would reduce the daily FS/T traffic, but still enable people to
> trade stuff. I see ClassicCmp as a great resource, not only for information
> not available elsewhere, but also for physical equipment and software which
> is obviously no longer made or supported by the manufacturer.
 Even if everyone could agree on this it would last for about 1 week and
 then go back to status quo. I really don't mind the ads. They are not
 excessive, they are reaching a good market where there is a win-win (the
 seller gets some money and space back and the buyer gets first crack at
 cool stuff), and they are more on topic than the drivel that has been
 plaguing us for the last four weeks or so.
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