Is this possible? (Storage) (Off-topic?)

From: Sam Ismail <>
Date: Fri Apr 10 16:16:04 1998

This is hopefully the last public post I'll (have to) make about this
tired topic. I just wish people would have the intelligence to realize
the error of insisting on posting non-relevant material to this
discussion, but it just seems like a lost cause.

On Fri, 10 Apr 1998, J. Maynard Gelinas wrote:

> Please stop trying to bully people around on the list, Sam.

First of all, next time post this message privately where it belongs.
This also goes for any replies to this message (please?)

> It's been going fine since the last flamefest without any jostling
> for position and authority, and this is the way it ought to
> continue (IMHO). While a message like this does not fit into the
> classiccmp charter, Tim Hotze has been a long standing member here
> and doesn't seem to be attempting to divert the charter to classic
> computers _and_ Star Trek by posting an off topic question every
> now and then. This is just _not_ worth making a stink over.

Maybe he doesn't "seem" to be to you, but the fact is, he is. And he did.
All I will say is, please stick to the topic.

> For the last few days you've been acting like you run the show
> again. Please stop. Please treat the list members like the
> adults they are, especially long standing members like Tim. Even
> Enrico, who I admit has annoyed me as well, deserves better
> treatment. You have the option to delete and filter... use it
> (see man procmail).

If wanting to preserve this list for what it is rather than have it
descend into a murky pool of nonsense that has nothing to do with what we
joined it for, then yeah, I'm guilty of that. As for treating people like
adults, Tim is 12. Enough said about that. Basically though, if people
who want to be a part of this list will have the courtesy, as adults, to
take care that this discussion stays within its intended bounds, their
courtesy will be returned in kind. That's all. Very simple.

Lastly, I'll not be singled out as the only one objecting to off-topic
messages. Granted I'm the most vocal about it, but there have been at
least 3 others expressing the same opinion in the open, and I'm sure about
ten times that many harboring their opinions to themselves.

If there is this much turmoil over the issue, then it obviously is a real
concern. I don't get excitement from conjuring problems out of thin air
just so I can have fun bitching about them.

Usually, the discussion goes well. Everyone (including me) posts
off-topic message once in a while. And this is fine. However, there is a
small minority of individuals who do it constantly (eg. more than half
their messages have nothing to do with Classic Computers). Its this
minority that ruins it for the rest of us. That's extremely rude and
inconsiderate, and it will only serve to undermine the integrity of this
discussion group.

Of course now I can expect the obligatory rash of flames, but you know I'm

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