You've got to be pulling my chain... (Ethernet)

From: Allison J Parent <>
Date: Fri Apr 10 16:40:25 1998

< I seem to remember early Ethernet interface VAX quad cards
< being around 1.5Mbps... not sure if it was think ether, vampire
< tap stuff... This would have been before ethernet was turned
< into a 'standard.' One guy I know has one of these hanging
< from his wall along with some physical core for a PDP 11/44. I
< was too young to have used to implemented this stuff, so I
< can't claim to have actually _used_ such hardware.

802.. eithernet was always 10mbit/s. The 1.5mhz stuff was arcnet. They
are similar in that they are both bus topology using CSMA/CD arbitration.

Eithernet was a colaboration of Digital Eguipment corp, Intel and Xerox
and was in the '70s called DIX eithernet.

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