You've got to be pulling my chain... (Ethernet)

From: Jack Peacock <>
Date: Fri Apr 10 18:51:47 1998

> From: Tony Duell []
> Actually, it's all discrete TTL chips (74S181 ALUs, 74161's for the
> program counter, etc). The KMC11 and DMR11 (a later version

That's right 'ls181, a crude bit slice ALU. I remember there was a way
to download microcode directly, the RSX driver supported it. None of
those cool 2900 series slices were around yet, maybe even the 8x305 was
still on the drawing board. I still have the AMD 2901 design book,
heavy going but it tells you everything you ever want to know about
building a CPU from scratch. I don't suppose anyone has some kind of
system built from 2901 bit slices? Roll your own microcoded instruction
                Jack Peacock
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